I am a Tattoo Artist from Kathmandu, Nepal, and the founder of Suminu Tattoo Studio | Tattoo Studio in Nepal . I have been tattooing for more than 8 years now. Because of my love for art from early childhood, I pursued my studies by doing my high school diploma in Fine Arts. Initially starting with cartoon sketches, I experimented with finding my own style of art by trying out different styles but all of it became temporary and soon I got bored with it. Nothing clicked until I discovered the art of tattooing.

I love experimenting with different types of tattoos and challenging myself by constantly trying out new styles. I dream that many strong independent female artists would come into this field and make tattooing their passion as well. — Sumina Shrestha

I also have a strong interest in sketching, painting, sing and have also been involved in various social work and events until now.

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If you want to get a Tattoo in Kathmandu, Nepal for me or want to know the tattoo price in my studio, you can contact me online or via my Instagram at @suminu.tattoo. I also offer consultation for tattoos and answer any questions or doubts regarding tattoos, getting tattooed, taking care of your tattoos, and more.

Good Tattoos are not always cheap, and getting a tattoo from an experienced professional is better. Regarding tattoos, I assure you of top-quality tattoos, design, and cooperation.

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