Amazing tattoo artist. Listened to My Ideas and incorporated her own

Ornamental Spider Tattoo Nepal by Sumina Shrestha

Amazing tattoo artist. Listened to my ideas and also incorporated her own. Im in love with my piece!
As a client, as someone who loves art work, who loves seeing talented people do what they do best, I would like to share one thought. I love finding a talented artist, sharing my ideas, and then trusting them to use their artistic imput to creat something the client will fall in love with. It is a scary thought, especially if the client might not like what youve created, but the other side is mine. What if you create something so unimaginably beautiful, that i fall in love with the creation. A creation i would have never dreamed of.
I want to leave you with one thing. Trust yourself. Because you are a brilliant artist. And people will love what you create. Try not to fall into a pattern of doing only what the client asks. Go out of your comfort zone. Take risks sometimes. Because people like me, people who truly appreciate artwork, will be so grateful that you took those risks.
Thank you so much! See you again sometime!

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