Hi, I am Sumina Shrestha!

I am a Tattoo Artist from Kathmandu, Nepal and I have been Tattooing for over 8 years now.
Tattooing is my passion, and I look forward to working together with you on amazing designs, and also hear from you your tattoo stories and experiences through out.
If you want to get a tattoo with me, feel free to reach out.

You can view some of my work here - My Portfolio. If you want to view more of my work, do visit my instagram at @suminu.tattoo.

Having worked together with many of my tattoo clients regarding Tattoo Consultation, Tattoo Designs & Tattooing number of pieces over the years, I am happy to help you with your Tattoo.

Read what some of my tattoo clients say about me and my work here.

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Reb Rebe
Reb Rebe
August 19, 2023.
Had the most pleasant experience with Sumina, shes a great artist. I went for a simple tattoo and ended up having 2, one of which made free hand and looks absolutely gorgeous !! shes amazing
Aleksandra Lach
Aleksandra Lach
August 10, 2023.
Sumina is a really inspiring artist. She takes her time with your design, really listens and then makes magic happen. I had a concept in my mind of what I wanted and a very blurry photo and she worked with me until I was happy. The atmosphere in the studio is also wonderful. If you’re looking for someone to do a really special design I would book here! Thank you!!!
Sorcha MacCarthy
Sorcha MacCarthy
August 2, 2023.
Amazing, comfortable, and beautiful experience with Sumina. Worked well together with me on the design and has great vision and creativity. Good chats and I will highly recommend if you’re in Nepal 😁🖤
Tina Pearce
Tina Pearce
July 27, 2023.
I had a tattoo done today with suminu. Excellent service, good communication, and a beautiful tattoo.
Suraj Gurung
Suraj Gurung
June 27, 2023.
This was my first tattoo and I couldn’t be more happier with the results. Sumina is really talented and passionate tattoo artist and her work speaks volume to the dedication she has towards her craft. Hospitality was top notch and her studio has an amazing vibe. Since this was my first tattoo I was nervous but Sumina really put me at ease. Highly recommend Sumina to anyone looking to get a tattoo in Nepal. Thank you Sumina for a such a memorable experience and I’ll be sure to visit you next time for my next tattoo
Uckfu Uckfu
Uckfu Uckfu
June 25, 2023.
Friendly artist❤️
Sarah Ely
Sarah Ely
June 14, 2023.
Super pleased with Sumina’s tattoos that she has done for me. They’re exactly what I asked for and she was very patient when with me as I wanted the stencil moved slightly both times. Studio was relaxing and very clean and she offered me drinks and snacks when we had breaks. Highly recommended.
Leandro Teixeira
Leandro Teixeira
June 7, 2023.
My first tattoo ever, to celebrate Everest Base Camp trekking. And couldnt have chosen a better studio. Suminu was amazing from the beginning to the end.

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Be Rest Assured of the Quality of the Tattoo!

Looking for a great tattoo? Look no further than Suminu Tattoo! I, Sumina, and my team of artists are passionate about tattoos and the artistry behind them. We are committed to providing you with a quality tattoo that meets all your requirements and exceeds your expectations.

As a Tattoo Artist, I have been featured in numerous magazines, online news outlets, blogs, and media videos showcasing my skills and creativity. I pride myself on my dedication and love for Tattooing and Art. You can also read reviews about my work from many of my happy clients on Google, here.

Rest assured that when you choose Suminu Tattoo for your tattoo needs, you are getting the highest quality tattoos and results. So whether you are looking for a small, simple design or a complex, intricate masterpiece, I have the experience that can help you bring your vision to life.

Tattoo Studio Policies | Suminu Tattoo

Tattoo Artist in Nepal

We want to Tattoo you and ensure you and I, as well as the artists here, have the best experience during your tattoo.
Please check out the Tattoo Policies here to learn about the terms and conditions of my Tattoo studio.

Price of Tattoo in Nepal?

The price of tattoos in Nepal is different according to artists and studios. There are many places to get tattoos in Nepal. Don’t always compromise the quality of the tattoo because of the price. Good tattoos don’t always come cheap.

Tattoo After Care and Instructions? How to take care of your tattoo?

Here are some tips regarding taking care of your tattoo properly to ensure it will keep looking as it was on the first day you got it.
Read here in Simplified Version.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions

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